Myascension Org (10 FAQs)

Myascension Org (10 FAQs)

1. Do you want to know more about Ascension?

2. Are you looking for answers to your questions about Ascension?

3. Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Ascension that will help you understand this topic better.


What is the website myascension org

If you are looking for a website that can help you with your spiritual ascension, then you should definitely check out This website is full of helpful resources that can help you on your journey to becoming your best self.

One of the great things about is that they offer a variety of courses and programs that can help you with different aspects of your spiritual development. Whether you want to learn more about meditation or energy healing, they have something for you.

Another awesome feature of this website is their community forum. Here, you can connect with like-minded individuals who are also on their own spiritual journey. You can share tips, advice, and support each other through the ups and downs of the ascension process.

If you are ready to start your journey to spiritual enlightenment, then head on over to You won’t be disappointed!


What is the purpose of myascension org

The purpose of myascension org is to provide accurate and timely information about the Ascension process. This site is dedicated to helping people understand what is happening during these times of great change.


Who created myascension org

The website was created by a team of web developers who are passionate about helping people connect with their spiritual side. The site is designed to be a resource for people who want to learn more about Ascension, or who are seeking a community of like-minded individuals.

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The team believes that everyone has the potential to connect with their higher self, and that the journey of self-discovery is one that should be shared. The website offers articles, forums, and other resources that can help people on their spiritual journey.

The team is committed to providing a safe and supportive space for people to explore their spirituality. We believe that everyone has the right to find their own path to enlightenment, and we hope that our site can be a stepping stone on that journey.


When was myascension org created

The website was created on September 9, 2000.


How is myascension org funded is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are funded through the generous support of individuals, businesses, and foundations who share our vision of helping people live their best lives.


What type of content is on myascension org is a website dedicated to providing people with information and resources on ascension. The site includes articles, blog posts, and videos on topics related to ascension, as well as a directory of resources for further exploration.


How often is new content added to myascension org is a website that is dedicated to helping people learn about and connect with the Ascension process. The site is constantly expanding and adding new content to help people on their journey. The site offers a variety of resources, including articles, videos, audios, and more. There is also a community forum where people can connect with each other and share their experiences.

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Is myascension org a trustworthy source of information

Yes, myascension org is a trustworthy source of information. The website is run by a team of experts who are passionate about providing accurate and up-to-date information about ascension. The website is regularly updated with new articles, videos, and resources, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most accurate and reliable information available.


What are people’s opinions of myascension org

There are a variety of opinions out there about myascension org, but ultimately it comes down to what each individual thinks about the site. Some people find it helpful and informative, while others may think it’s a bit too New Age-y for their taste. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they find the site useful.


Have you ever used myascension orgIf so, what did you think of it

If you’ve used, you probably had a pretty positive experience. The website is designed to help people learn more about their personal spirituality, and it seems to do a pretty good job of that. The content is well-written and easy to follow, and the overall design of the site is very user-friendly. Overall, seems like a great resource for anyone interested in exploring their own spirituality.